Colorful Led Aurora Ocean Waves Projector Music Night Light Lamp




Can enjoy the sea the same feeling in the home, away from the bustling city of, let the mood relax calm.
Can be used when the speaker, listening to soothing music, watching the sea, and interest.
Modeling simple, easy to use;Applicable to the bathroom, sitting room, bedroom or any space, reproduce the natural beauty of
sparkling sea bright anytime and anywhere, let you feel calm as immersed in the deep ocean sea embrace peace, create a
romantic, the leisure, comfortable space atmosphere, to achieve the effect of loosen body and mind.

Features & details:
Name: Colorful Ocean Waves Projector
Color: White
Material: PVC+Electronic component
Size: 14*14*16cm
Accessories: USB cable, power cord, audio cable
Power: USB or AC adapter or 4 X AA(batteries are not included in packaging)

1. This product can be used in the bathroom, but do not get wet, to prevent water droplets into the interior
of the machine in order to avoid failure;
2. When using this product do not use this product on an unstable plane, prevent product skew, affect the results;
3. Do not use this product in high temperature, high humidity, high intensity magnetic field range,
so as to avoid product failure.
4, This product has a speaker function, without self-playback functions, you need to connect the phone, mp3, ipad, computers and other equipment in order to play music!

Packaging Included:
1 X Projector

Additional information

Weight 0.545 kg